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Does buying running shoes automatically make me a runner? I hope so.

April 26, 2011

Yesterday, I spoke about the Epic 5 event that I'm involved in with 2 additional Nike Team members.  What I neglected to mention is that as a team we are going to do everything we can to help finish the event.  This may mean that we won't be strict in our leg assignments i.e. Patty won't always be the only cyclist and Kelly the only runner.  Ok, I'm being strict as I'm going to be the only swimmer.  However, if the team needs help on the running leg…I'll be there…I think. 

I'm not much of a runner.  I ran two 5k races 4 years ago.  And then I promptly hung up my running shoes.  They have taken on a second career as lawn mowing shoes.  My athletic trainer heaved a big sigh of relief.  She was thankful that I was no longer a runner.  Fast forward to a week ago and this conversation: 

"How serious were you about me not running?"

"Serious…wait a minute! Why?"

"So there is this event and I may need to help the team by running.  How bad will it really be?"

"How much running?"

"Well a bit…maybe."

Insert stern look. 

"Ok ok it is a marathon distance every day 5 days in a row and I may need to help!"

Long pause….

"What ever you do, don't practice.  If you have to run wait until you get over there and if you can get away with a fast walk do that."

Does this make it clear how much I probably shouldn't be running?  As every good type A personality athlete may do, I promptly went in search of Running shoes.  Heck this shouldn't be a hard task.  Plus if I put on running shoes, I'm a runner, right?  That's the theory I'm going with.  I'm beginning to think of myself like Superman.  I go into the phone booth, put on my running shoes and tights and TAH DAH I'm a runner with super powers.  It could happen. 

One week before Team Nike is on a flight to Hawaii should be plenty of time to break in my new shoes and perfect my phone booth exit into super runner.  Good heavens make sure to cheer us on and pray that this transformation doesn't have to happen much if at all.  And if it does may all the cameras break so that the stumbling gait I call running is never recorded.  Trust me posterity won't mind letting this one go.


One Response to “Does buying running shoes automatically make me a runner? I hope so.”

  1. Val says:

    My first "running" coach (for I, too, am more penguin than gazelle) told me to use the Marathoner's Prayer:  "Lord, you pick'em up…and I'll put'em down."  Got me through my first marathon safely and sanely…albeit not quickly.  Good luck!  we'll be thinking speedy thoughts for, you, Team Nike and all the Epic5 athletes.

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