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Make it EPIC or make it CRAZY

April 25, 2011

A few months ago I was introduced to a new Nike athlete, Jason Lester.  Now Jason is a pretty amazing guy.  He is an ultraendurance athlete with a never say die attitude.  Naturally I was intrigued when he asked if I would like to participate as a relay in his EPIC 5 event.  Here I go again saying "ABSOLUTELY!"  before I really know what I've gotten myself into. 

Fast foward and we are a week away from the starting line of the EPIC 5 event.  What is EPIC 5 you ask?  Take and Ironman (2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking, and 26.2 miles running).  Do that every day 5 days in a row.  Then to really shake it up…do it on 5 different Hawaiian Islands.  HUH?  Yes, an Ironman, 5 days in a row, on 5 different Hawaiian islands.  Of course the EPIC 5 kicks off on May 5th.  Many might say there are better ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, say a beach and a margarita, but where is the challenge in that.  To learn more about EPIC 5, please visit

Over the last few months, I've been trying to convince some other Nike employees to join me on this crazy adventure.  Surprisingly it wasn't that difficult.  First I reached out to a cycling and triathlete friend, she mentioned that it was crazy and then promptly gave me the name of another runner/triathlete.  And thus Team Nike was formed.  We are the only relay in the event and the only women.  If you are stuck on the only relay component, yes there are 5 other ultraendurance athletes that are doing the event solo.  See we aren't as crazy as those guys.

So team formed we now needed to get our entry fee covered.  We would worry about the flights to Hawaii later.  With much support from Nike and the Athlete's Lounge in Portland our entry fee came together late last week.  Nothing like cutting it close.  Plus we had help reaching out to Hawaiian Airlines and our bag and bike fees are covered as well.  That left flights to Hawaii.  Thus far they are funded by ourselves, but we have hopes some other anonymous donor will come through.  (Note:  If this is you, please reach out and I would love to chat!)

With entry fee paid and team put together…oh wait I haven't introduced my rocking team members.  Patty Smaldone, cyclist, skier, triathlete, all around adventure racer extraordinarie.  And Kelly McKean, runner, triathlete, cross country skier, etc.  As you can see I'm not the utility player on this team. 

Ok with entry fee covered and team put together, we knew we wanted to fundraise as well.  We selected the wonderful organization called The Girl Effect which is supported by the Nike Foundation.  The Girl Effect wants to empower millions of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world.  One Girl, one Family, one Community and one Nation at a time.  That's the Girl Effect.  Its AMAZING!  See the video below, it knocked my socks off…wait I don't wear socks.  Oh well, watch the video anyways.

The Clock is Ticking – The Girl Effect

To make a donation to the Girl Effect and support Team Nike, please do the following:

Visit:  You will be asked to either create a log in or use your Facebook account.  If Girl Effect doesn't show up, do a simple search for "Girl Effect."  It will come up.  Select your donation amount.  Please add a note in the "In Honor Of" field and put in EPIC 5 – TEAM Nike.  We appreciate your support.

If you are a Nike employee, please go through the Nike WE giving portal to make a donation.  Perform a search for Team Nike – EPIC 5.  Similar instructions to those above.  Again please remember to put in Honor of EPIC 5 – Team Nike.

So want to follow us on this EPIC journey.  Well there are so many ways that you can:

– Via EPIC 5 website:  Each athlete will have GPS on them. 

– Via Twitter – MacySwim

– Via blog – –  This is probably the least updated as it will be after the event and really late at night and if I can get off the bed from a day of racing to make the update.  Rest assured that I will do my best!

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