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Gibraltar Strait – Post swim celebration

May 27, 2011

I may have mentioned but we are staying in the coziest and most wonderful place in Tarifa.  Casa McCallion and the proprieters are amazing.  We have come to really know them and they have become part of our swim story.  Kath and Eddie and their dog Willis, named after Prince William, came down to the harbor to see Billy, Elizabeth and I off on our adventure.  When we returned, they were at the house cheering and smiling.  They didn't care if we had completed the task or not.  As Eddie says "it is about making the attempt."  Kath had spent the day making us a celebratory cake.  I mean seriously if you come to Spain to swim the Strait or just come for a holiday, this is the place to stay!

They understood we would be tired so they let us rest and recooperate.  At 4 pm, we were down on their patio with cake and Cava to celebrate the swim.  Besides Kath and Eddie, Pauline and Marvin joined in the festivities as well.  Before we knew it 4pm became 9pm and it felt like only minutes.  It was a wonderful evening sharing stories with new and old friends.  I couldn't have asked for a better night.  To cap it off, Kath let us raid her kitchen and take all of her leftover Indian curry.  HOLY SMOKES it was/is amazing.  We had a little leftover, but we didn't return any of it as we are hording it.  Elizabeth and I are determined to bring the recipe home.

I know that I went to bed emotionally and physically happy.  Thank you to Kath, Eddie, Pauline, and Marvin for making our celebration night such an amazing one. 


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