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Jackpot 7 Challenge – The final two weeks and the last activity is revealed!

December 18, 2013

I find that starting where I left off the last update has been helpful for people to stay connected to the MacySwim story since the updates are sometimes sporadic and I can’t really expect you to think that my journeys are SO interesting that they should be stored for eternity into your long term memories.  I know my life is really ALL ABOUT ME, but perhaps that isn’t the way you view my life and that is A-OK.  

So the Jackpot 7 challenge, this year was shaping up to be the year of sevens.  I had completed the Ocean’s 7 becoming the first American to complete the challenge while setting a new overall record for the North Channel.  I completed my 7th – 8.2 mile Pennock Island Race in Ketchikan Alaska, which is where I started my marathon swimming career.  That left one more 7 event to give me three 7s for a jackpot year – 777.   I decided to create this 7 mile Activity Ladder to be completed in the last 7 weeks of the 2013 year.  Here is how it is shaping up.  (Special Note:  I have the entire week from 12am Sunday to 11:50pm Saturday to complete the mileage of each activity.  There was a misconception that I had to do the mileage every day for the 7 days of that week.  I’m crazy but not that crazy.  Plus I have a day job  :-D) 

Jackpot 7 week challenge

Week 1 – walking (7 miles total)

  • Done 

Week 2 – walking, biking/spinning (7 miles of each for total of 14 miles)

  • Done

Week 3 – walking, biking/spinning, elliptical (7 miles of each for a total of 21 miles)

  • Done

Week 4 – walking, biking/spinning, elliptical, rowing (7 miles of each for a total of 28 miles)

  • Done 

Week 5 – walking, biking/spinning, elliptical, rowing, swimming (7 miles of each for a total of 35 miles)

  • I totally nailed this week.  Awesome planning!  I only had a few miles left of swimming, elliptical and rowing to do on Saturday so I had some down time  to rest.  I’m finding that doing this challenge as the weeks progress gets more and more difficult to get recovery time.  I don’t think this is going to let up, so I’ve started the mantra Recovery Shmovery.
  • The bike seat thing is getting so much better.  I haven’t mastered the standing up out of the saddle (Note: learned that the seat is actually called a saddle.  It think this is a misnomer as the saddles that I know are for horses and they are large AND padded.  Just saying)
  • My friends are still humoring me and taking me for walks with their dogs.  Again finding this is an amazing way to connect with friends.  There isn’t noise to get in the way of connecting unless you count my huffing and puffing as noise.  Or me gasping for a break.  Man I never knew walking was SO HARD!
  • I LOVE ROWING!  Love it.  I don’t really even know why, but I do. 

Week 6 – walking, biking/spinning, elliptical, rowing, swimming, kayaking (7 miles of each for a total of 42 miles)

  • Three days into this week and it seems to be going well so far I’ve got in 6 miles walking, 2.5 swimming, 3.2 rowing and 3.5 elliptical.   Not going to lie, I’m a little worried about the kayaking.  I think that is going to have to happen on Saturday which means no procrastination for me on the other 5 activities.
  • I really don’t like elliptical.  I love people stopping by and cheering me on, but man is it boring and I’m really really slow so it takes me forever to get miles done.  I tried moving my legs faster, but that doesn’t seem to be working.  I tried using my arms more as that is really where I am strong and still the miles tick by SOOOOOOOOOO slowly.  Argh it is maddening.  But I created this challenge so by gosh I’m going to finish it.
  • I’m getting worried for next week, as it is the holiday week and I’m traveling back to the frozen tundra of MN.  Oh ya you betcha, I’m a Minnesota girl.  While I can walk back in MN, some of the other activities will be a challenge, so I’ll have to front load Sunday – Tuesday before I leave.  

Week 7 – walking, biking/spinning, elliptical, rowing, swimming, kayaking and… TAH DAH!  ROLLER SKATING (7 miles of each for a total of 49 miles)

  • Many of you commented on my last update about what activity should be the last one to cap off the challenge and many of you proved that you are all smarter than 5th graders and knew how to calculate the distance traveled by the arch of swinging on a swing set.  I never felt so inadequate in my math knowledge, but I learned something new or old depending on how you look at it.  Just in case you are wondering to calculate the arch it is 2(pi)r – squared where R is the blah blah blah….  Really it isn’t all that interesting so I’ve promptly forgotten it.  Sorry. 
  • The winning activity is ROLLER SKATING.  This by far got the most votes and someone shared that there is a roller rink in Portland, so roller skating won as the last activity.  Plus the rink has a real organist playing a Wurlitzer organ so it almost counts as a cultural experience!  
  • I’m getting ready to tackle this challenge by getting the right gear like a full snowsuit stuffed with extra padding, safety braces for knees, elbows, and wrists strapped over the top of said snowsuit.  Plus a helmet.  I’ll be like Ralphie’s brother Randy from A Christmas Story “Ralphie, I can’t put my arms down!”

And you may be wondering about the 7 pounds of weight loss.  I’m doing the Nike Wellness Center – On Your Mark challenge where you try to lose weight or hold weight for 4 months straight and either their scale is broken or my pounds are very very happy where they are.  At least I’m holding weight…sort of.   

I’m also crossing my fingers that I win the Mega Millions Jackpot as I think it will be $700 million before tonight’s drawing, but perhaps this is too much luck to wish for this 2013 year.  I’ve already been so blessed.  And that would be four 7s (or five 7s if my pounds decide to finally melt off) and that just throws the whole thing off.  

So there it is the Jackpot 7 Challenge.  Now I just need to get through the last 2 weeks to complete it.  Fingers crossed.


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