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Atlantic News – Shark in the Water.

June 11, 2013

A fun post in The Atlantic about my lovely Hawaiian friend.  I’d swim anywhere in the world with you Michael…mostly because the odds would now be in our favor! 

“You ever heard of the cookiecutter shark, Isistius brasiliensis? I hadn’t either until Phenomena’s Ed Yong told me about it today. “It’s a small cat-sized animal with chocolate-coloured skin, a rounded snout, and large green eyes. Beneath the bizarre head, its lower jaw contains what looks like a saw–a row of huge, serrated teeth, all connected at their bases,” Yong wrote earlier this year. “When the cookie-cutter finds a victim, it latches on with its large fleshy lips and bites down with its saw blade. With twisting motions, it scoops out a chunk of flesh, leaving behind circular craters.”

They have been known to attack great white sharks and killer whales and even nuclear submarines (the last of which suggests to me that they may not have the most developed nervous systems).

And in one case, and one case only, a human.”  Read the full story here:

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Willamette River Lap Swim stretches imagination – Macy partners with Human Access Project

June 6, 2013

The press release for tomorrow’s crazy swim.  

If you thought lap swims were just for pools, think larger. Think Willamette River. That’s where long-distance swimmer, Michelle Macy, will soon attempt to swim 75 laps (19 miles). Her Willamette River Lap Swim will take place Friday, June 7th beneath the north deck of the Hawthorne Bridge from 6:30am-6:30pm.

The “swim practice” is a public event sponsored by the Human Access Project (HAP), a new Portland not-for-profit organization formed to promote public access and recreational use of the Willamette River and to transform Portland’s relationship with it.

Macy joined with the Human Access Project to raise awareness of the Willamette’s recreational potential. Her goal is to swim for an amazing 10-12 hours and cross the river 75 times – she may even do flip turns on the seawall. In addition to awareness and training, she hopes people will join in her efforts to raise funds for HAP and her future training and travels. These tax deductible donations can be made at the Human Access Project site:

The public is invited to watch and cheer her on throughout the day on the Hawthorne Bridge’s north platform, or on either side of the Esplanade. For safety, she will have a kayak escort by her side the entire swim. As Michelle says, swimming in rivers and lakes should never be done alone, particularly long-distance swims.

The Human Access Project (HAP) is supporting three other Willamette River events this summer:

July 5th “World Float” Portland will try to break the Guinness Book World Record of 540 people to form the “Longest Floating Human Chain” – on the Willamette River.

July 21st Portland Bridge Swim – 80 solo swimmers and relay teams will swim almost 11 miles in the Willamette from Sellwood to St. Johns.

July 28th The Big Float III 2,000 participants will have a group inner-tube float in the Willamette River. There will be a barge with three bands (for an inner-tube concert on the water), free chair massages and a kids’ area.

For more information, go to 

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How do you schedule a marathon swim?

June 4, 2013

Now that you know what a marathon swim is, I thought it MIGHT be interesting to know how one gets planned. Mostly of us have experience with applying for a running event, triathlon, kid’s summer camp, etc. Usually for those events, there is a website and a date that registration opens. From there you put in your information, provide your credit card and then wait to see if you made the cut. If you get the coveted Yes email, you maybe need to book flights and hotel to be in town for the race day. There is typically a designated race day where everyone participates.

Marathon swimming has some events that are planned like that for example the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. However most swims are a little bit more involved. Before you even schedule a swim, you have to decide what swim you want to do. Let’s use the English Channel as our example. This channel is known as the Everest of marathon swimming and as such is a coveted swim. (more…)

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Life in my swimsuit. Got crabs?

May 29, 2013

One of the most common questions I get is “You wear a wetsuit right?” Perhaps it is the proliferation of triathlons that makes people assume I wear a wetsuit. Or maybe it is that they see the 10k professional swimmers in long black suits. Or maybe people think that nobody would be crazy enough to swim in just a “regular” swimsuit especially in cold water.

Well folks its true there is NO wetsuit on my body when I swim in cold water. In fact it is completely against the rules. Don’t believe me? Here is a picture of me starting my 2012 English Channel swim. And yes that blue boat is my escort boat. My back looks white because I use zinc oxide to try to protect my skin from hours in the water. There you have it. Photographic evidence that it is just a regular swimsuit. (SIDE NOTE: I’m the first picture. Also men cannot wear wetsuits for channel swimming either. They often have the option between a traditional “Speedo” and a suit cut to the knees called a “jammer.” See pictures below.) (more…)

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What exactly is a marathon swim?

May 21, 2013

Since has been dark for over a year, I thought it may be good to start at the beginning. Many of you may not know or may have forgotten what a marathon swim is. Let’s see if I can make this entertaining. (more…)

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How to date a triathlete/marathon runner/endurance junkie.

January 1, 2013

As I was flipping around on Facebook, I came across this linked post about how to date a triathlete/marathon runner/endurance junkie and I was intrigued.  How could I not click the link and read more.  (more…)

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Hysterical video – May or may not explain channel swimmers

December 14, 2011

I don’t know who created this video and it really explains some of the craziness of channel swimmers.  I laughed so hard I was crying watching this video.  I hope some of the humor translates for some of you. 


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EPIC 5 video

November 21, 2011

Another video from the EPIC 5 event that Team Nike participated in May 5th.  If you forgot it was 5 Ironmen (2.4 miles swim, 112 miles biking, 26.2 miles running) everday for 5 days on 5 different Hawaiian islands.  This again was produced to feature Redbull athlete Josef Ajram, so Team Nike may not be featured much, but we were there and represented!

The video is around 30 minutes long, so maybe a good one to watch as you stretch after a workout.  Or maybe it is the inspiration to get out there and get moving.

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Molokai Channel – A swim of gratitude

November 14, 2011

Yes my Molokai (Kaiwe) Channel swim was quiet and most only found out after the swim when I was met on the beach by the Hawaii News Now crew.  That is exactly the way I wanted it.  Well I may rethink the news crew, but it was a nice surprise. 

Last year I attempted the Molokai Channel and things seemed to be off from the start.  After last year, I felt like there was some unfinished business.  However, I knew that I couldn’t approach the swim the same way.  It just wasn’t right last year and the outcome spoke for itself.  I pushed too hard, forced too much and added too much pressure.  Something was bound to break and it was me.  (more…)

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The Still Water 8 – The almost famous new marathon swimming challenge.

October 4, 2011

Not to long ago, the Ocean’s 7 marathon swimming challenge was created.  Much like the 7 Summits for climbers, this challenge pushes marathon swimmers to their limits.  However these swims are not the 7 toughest swims on the 7 continents like 7 Summits.   The creator of Ocean’s 7, Steven Munatones, “chose them for their geographic and climatic diversity, extreme hardships and the intricate planning needed to succeed.”  Crazy, yes.  Sick, yes.  A big challenge, absolutely.  

As I was hanging in Tarifa Spain with other swimming friends, it was stated “We should create the Still Water 8.”   (more…)

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