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EPIC 5 video

November 21, 2011

Another video from the EPIC 5 event that Team Nike participated in May 5th.  If you forgot it was 5 Ironmen (2.4 miles swim, 112 miles biking, 26.2 miles running) everday for 5 days on 5 different Hawaiian islands.  This again was produced to feature Redbull athlete Josef Ajram, so Team Nike may not be featured much, but we were there and represented!

The video is around 30 minutes long, so maybe a good one to watch as you stretch after a workout.  Or maybe it is the inspiration to get out there and get moving.

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Molokai Channel – A swim of gratitude

November 14, 2011

Yes my Molokai (Kaiwe) Channel swim was quiet and most only found out after the swim when I was met on the beach by the Hawaii News Now crew.  That is exactly the way I wanted it.  Well I may rethink the news crew, but it was a nice surprise. 

Last year I attempted the Molokai Channel and things seemed to be off from the start.  After last year, I felt like there was some unfinished business.  However, I knew that I couldn’t approach the swim the same way.  It just wasn’t right last year and the outcome spoke for itself.  I pushed too hard, forced too much and added too much pressure.  Something was bound to break and it was me.  (more…)

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The Still Water 8 – The almost famous new marathon swimming challenge.

October 4, 2011

Not to long ago, the Ocean’s 7 marathon swimming challenge was created.  Much like the 7 Summits for climbers, this challenge pushes marathon swimmers to their limits.  However these swims are not the 7 toughest swims on the 7 continents like 7 Summits.   The creator of Ocean’s 7, Steven Munatones, “chose them for their geographic and climatic diversity, extreme hardships and the intricate planning needed to succeed.”  Crazy, yes.  Sick, yes.  A big challenge, absolutely.  

As I was hanging in Tarifa Spain with other swimming friends, it was stated “We should create the Still Water 8.”   (more…)

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EPIC 5 – Outside TV trailer

August 15, 2011

I know I haven’t posted for a while, which may make some of you think that I’m somewhere in Siberia.  Not so…and I’ll explain that story later.  I’ve been doing some local events in Portland and then my annual trek to Ketchikan Alaska for the Pennock Island Challenge.  In the meantime, here is the trailer for the Outside TV documentary on EPIC 5.


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EPIC 5 – Red Bull Webisode 5

July 1, 2011

And the last installment of Josef Ajram's Redbull EPIC 5 webisodes.  I'm totally in this one.  Ok it is only as I give Josef a hug, but still.

Amazing accomplishments by all athletes that participated.

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EPIC 5 – Red Bull Webisode 4

June 23, 2011

This was a rough day for Josef and he just did what he needed to do to get through.  Amazing athlete!

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EPIC 5 – Outside TV articles

June 20, 2011

EPIC 5 Challenge news keeps being discovered or maybe I'm finding time to read up on the event…finally.    Leah Garcia did a good job of getting the sound bites off regarding the effort that all athletes were putting in.   At least I think they are called sound bites, eh what do I know about news reporting. 

Anyways, take some time to enjoy!

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EPIC 5 – Red Bull Webisode 3

June 16, 2011

Webisode 3 from EPIC 5.   The wind that was Molokai.   The girls aren't featured in this one at all.  However you get to see how the challenge is beginning to affect all the athletes, us included.

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EPIC 5 – Red Bull Webisode 2

June 10, 2011

Here is webisode 2 of EPIC 5 with Josef Ajram.   If you watch when the swimmers are in a group heading out.  You will see one swimmer out front with no wetsuit arms…that's me.  I'M FAMOUS!  Ok not really.  .

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EPIC 5 – Red Bull Webisode 1

June 9, 2011

I don't know if I mentioned that during the EPIC 5 event in Hawaii there were two film crews there to make documentaries.  One was the Red Bull crew to focus on a documentary about Josef Ajram.  The other is to make a documentary for the Outside TV network. 

Obviously Team Nike wasn't the focus of the Red Bull documentary and I imagine that we will have little exposure on the Outside TV one as well.  However, I thought I would still share as it does show the event and the amazing athletes (including us) that were there.  Oh yeah, the Red Bull one is also in Spanish, but I think you will get the idea.

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